Lovi Poe endorses Red Horse

IT’S OFFICIAL: Lovi Poe is the newest celebrity endorser of Red Horse! We’re not yet sure if she will be featured in the yearly calendar or will just simply appear in TV commercials and Print Ads. Congratulations again to our dear Lovi! Extra Strong, ito ang TAMA!

Belo Medical Group approved billboard ft. Lovi Poe

Lovi Poe Belo Medical Group Billboard

Although most of us were disappointed when the first layout of Lovi Poe’s billboard for Belo Medical Group was disapproved, we have another reason to be happy because the second layout was finally approved!

Here’s an image of the new Belo Medical Group billboard featuring Lovi Poe. She may not be wearing her swimsuit this time, but she’s still as gorgeous as always!

Belo Medical Group’s New Billboard featuring Lovi Poe

Lovi Poe is scheduled to be launched as the new face of the Belo Medical Group. Unfortunately, the billboard image was disapproved.

With the tagline “Love my skin by Belo’, i think the company is aiming to make girls feel comfortable with their own skin even if they are morena. What can you say about the picture? Is Lovi Poe too daring in this one?

We’re still hoping that Lovi Poe’s billboard for Vicki Belo’s company will be approved soon. Anyway, she defines the new meaning of sexy!

And yes, it’s Lovi, not Lovie LOL 😛