Oracle Certified Associate – Java SE 7 Programmer Certification

In today’s tech-savvy, high tech, technology-driven world it has become more than apparent that the many types of Java software are not going to disappear anytime too soon. This being said there is also now a need more than any other time in our world for the Oracle Certified Associate – Java SE 7 Programmer. AS Java software is running on 97 out of every 100 desktop computers it is more than necessary that certified people are there to take care of it. It is actually the Java Programmers that do the building and maintenance of this most used and crucial software. Being a certified Java Programmer assures participants of plenty of career opportunities once they obtain that important Associate Java SE7 Programmer certification.


Once this particular certification has been obtained by the participant they can then move onto the next step in the path and begin taking the courses, classes and exams required to get certified as an Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer. Preparing for the Oracle Certified Associate – Java SE 7 Programmer Certification requires the following courses to be taken: Database, Java and Middleware, Applications and Server and Storage Systems. The Database certification contains 10 courses and classes to be taken and passed. The Java and Middleware Certification course has 4 main courses. Nine main courses listed in Applications Certification. Operating Systems Certification (in the Server and Storage Systems area) has 3 main courses listed in the hands-on course listing.

Which Available EMC Application Developer Specialty Certification Should You Earn?

If you have successfully earned the EMC EMCPA certification, you are qualified to earn the specialist level EMCApD Application Developer certification. This certification is designed for advanced level application developers who can customize or develop applications using EMC software. You’ll also need to be able to integrate EMC software and tool sets into other applications. The EMCApD Application Developer certification has three specialties that you can choose from in order to demonstrate your expertise.

You can choose to earn the Content Management Server Programming specialty by passing the EMC E20-405 Content Management Server Programming exam. Taking the EMC DFC Programming classroom or online training course is recommended prior to taking the exam.

The Content Management Web Application Programming certification specialty is earned by passing the EMC E20-455 Content Management Web Application Programming exam. Prior to taking the E20-455 exam, it’s recommended that you complete the WDK Development curriculum in class or online.

The EMC E20-495 xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) Application Development exam enables you to earn the certification specialty of xCP Application Development. EMC offers classroom training, online training, and self-paced courses to help you prepare for this exam.

Though the training offered by EMC may be helpful in preparing you for your certification exams, it may not be enough to help you pass. In order to increase your chances of passing your exam, you may wish to use the services of TestsLive.