Hindi Tayo Pwede: Lovi Poe’s First Film Under Viva Films

Written by Ricky Lee and directed by Joel Lamangan, Hindi Tayo Pwede is a romance drama film that will take you to a roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s not your typical love triangle story as it makes a supernatural plot twist.

Lovi Poe stars as Gabby, Tony Labrusca as Gabriel, and Marco Gumabao as Dennis. Gabby and Dennis are best of friends right before she met the love of her life, Gabriel. However, Dennis has a secret admiration for Gabby but hesitant to confess to Gabby.

Tony Labrusca, Lovi Poe and Marco Gumabao in ‘Hindi Tayo Pwede’

In a night out, Gabby meets Gabriel and the two instantly fell in love. They had a few dates before finally deciding to get married. The two are already engaged when the tragic night killed Gabriel. Gabby is so devastated after losing her fiance in the accident.

While grieving, Dennis makes sure his presence is felt by Gabby. But no one knows that she can still see and touch Gabriel as his spirit remains by her side. The unbreakable bond between the two makes it even more difficult for Dennis to win Gabby’s love.

Lovi in Her Lead Role

Performance wise, Lovi Poe’s acting skills really outshine in the movie. It was much different from the roles she played in her past projects. She was more mature in Hindi Tayo Pwede—sexier and definitely more gorgeous. Lovi is a solid eye candy in Lamangan’s film for Viva.

However, the chemistry between Lovi and Tony isn’t as intense as with Marco. When it comes to mature scenes, Marco did a better job in making the drama more interesting. The two male leads were hot enough to make the intimate scenes even more steamy, but you can really tell whose more appealing.

At the end of the film, you will notice the lousy ghost character. It made the movie a little bit off-putting as it makes you think of the 1990’s film, Ghost by Jerry Zucker. This ghost love story exudes a unique charm, but not as exciting as you might have expected. Good thing Lovi made a good portrayal of Gabby’s charm which gave Hindi Tayo Pwede a nice cinematic appeal.

Wrapping It Up

The storyline may have some crappy parts, but the entire movie is undeniably one of Lovi’s best projects in the recent years. It could be the start of a more promising career with Viva Films for the beautiful, talented actress. What do you think?

HINDI TAYO PWEDE Official Movie Poster Revealed!

For the first time, Lovi Poe is set to star in a movie produced by Viva Films.

HINDI TAYO PWEDE (formerly ‘In Between Goodbyes’) is a sexy-drama under the direction of Joel Lamangan with the screenplay written by Sir Ricky Lee.

Also for the first time, Lovi is paired with two promising lead actors Tony Labrusca (Glorious, Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love) and Marco Gumabao (Just a Stranger). The trailer is yet to be released, but the final playdate is March 4, 2020. Exciting!

Here’s the official movie poster of ‘Hindi Tayo Pwede’. The new title is inspired by the song with the same title which was performed originally by The Juans. We’ll keep you posted!