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We Love Lovi: My Top 5 Favorite Lovi Poe Teleseryes

Posted by: admin on: May 18, 2019

NOTE: ‘We Love Lovi’ is a new segment in the site where fans can submit essays and express how much they love and appreciate Ms. Lovi Poe as an actress, singer, model, endorser and an overall badass chick! For the first kick, we feature this passionate article written by Jenica sharing her Top 5 Favorite […]

The Alcantara Sisters are making waves in Malaysia!

Posted by: admin on: February 26, 2013

The Alcantara Sisters Heart Evangelista (Diana), Alessandra de Rossi (Bernadette) and Lovi Poe (Natasha) just gained a lot of fans through their show ‘Legacy’, which aired its final episode today in TV3 Malaysia. The Filipino fans miss the three girls together too and we’re hoping GMA Films will give them a chick flick soon!

Mike Tan and Lovi Poe confrontation scene in Legacy

Posted by: admin on: February 25, 2013

LEGACY is currently being shown in other Asian countries. Here’s one of the confrontation scenes of the show. Mike Tan as Third and Lovi Poe as Natasha could’ve been a perfect match. We’re hoping GMA-7 will give this tandem another project!

LEGACY in TV3 Malaysia

Posted by: admin on: February 20, 2013

The Alcanatara sisters are gaining a number of fans from Malaysia. As of present, our favorite telenovela ‘Legacy’ is being shown in Malaysia’s TV3. Now we know why Malaysian fans are tweeting Heart, Lovi and Alex!

Do you miss Josh and Natasha of LEGACY? Reminisce their love story thru this lovely AVP video by Pola Polintan and Julius Olay featuring the song ‘I Know He’s Waiting For Me’ by La Diva.