Meet the Cast of Yesterday’s Bride

GMA Afternoon Prime’s newest offering ‘Yesterday’s Bride’ will premiere on October 29. Here’s a teaser plug featuring the cast members. Lovi Poe together with Rocco Nacino, Luis Alandy, Karel Marquez and Ara Mina will surely make your afternoon viewing pleasurable.

Yesterday’s Bride Teaser Trailer

Excited to see Lovi Poe regularly on TV again? Here’s the teaser trailer of Yesterday’s Bride, where she will be paired with Rocco Nacino and Luis Alandy! Two hunks for our dear Lovi love. Who will she choose?

Yesterday’s Bride Cast Revealed!

YESTERDAY’s BRIDE, an upcoming afternoon series from GMA is about to premiere on the last week of October!

Here’s an instagram photo taken during the story conference of the said show. Aside from Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino, the other cast members include Luis Alandy, Karel Marquez, Ara Mina, Raquel Villavicencio and Emilio Garcia.