It’s More Fun in Lovi Poe’s Movies!


Monster Bites. More Fun in the Philippines! (Lovi Poe and Paulo Avelino in Aswang)

Our movie partner Pinoy Movie Blog recently released a number of photo slogans inspired by the current campaign of the Department of Tourism called It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

Getting Stranded. More Fun in the Philippines! (Temptation Island)

Since Lovi Poe starred in a number of great films last year, here are some of the images PMB created featuring our talented star! Check it out!

Wife Swapping. More Fun in the Philippines (My Neighbor's Wife)

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Dennis Trillo and Lovi Poe Kissing Photo Teaser

September will be a sizzling month for moviegoers as Regal Films brings to us four of the most talented actors of today: Dennis Trillo, Jake Cuenca, Carla Abellana and Lovi Poe.

Found above is a hot teaser photo posted at My Neighbor’s Wife Facebook page. Dennis Trillo plays the role of Aaron where he is kissing his wife passionately. Lovi Poe plays the role of Giselle.

We’re not quite sure with how the whole movie goes, but with the teasers they’re posting, it seems like all four stars are more than willing to bare some skin and show their acting prowess.

My Neighbor’s Wife Teaser Trailer

After playing the role of the bratty Serafina in the movie ‘Temptation Island’, Lovi Poe will once again play a challenging role in the movie ‘My Neighbor’s Wife‘.

This Jun Lana masterpiece stars Dennis Trillo, Jake Cuenca and Carla Abellana. It is a serious-themed movie as it explores how the concept ‘wife swapping’ changes everything.

We have yet to read the synopsis of the film, but this teaser trailer somewhat gives us an idea. The movie is slated to be shown this September.