Lovi Poe interview for ‘Thy Womb’

We found this short interview of Lovi Poe while shooting the movie ‘Thy Womb’ in Tawi-Tawi. The young actress revealed how lucky she feels that she gets to work with Brillante Mendoza and Nora Aunor in this movie.

‘Thy Womb’ Interview, Behind the Scenes and Teaser Preview

THY WOMB is the highly anticipated Pinoy indie film of the year. The collaboration of the award-winning director Brillante Mendoza and the one & only superstar Nora Aunor is just priceless! Add the fact that versatile actors Bembol Roco, Lovi Poe and Mercedes Cabral makes it more special.

We found this video featuring a short interview with Nora Aunor, Brillante Mendoza and Bembol Roco as well as behind the scenes pictures and a short trailer preview. The movie was shot in Tawi-Tawi. Can’t wait!

Lovi Poe in Tawi-Tawi

Lovi Poe feels lucky to be able to work with the one and only superstar Nora Aunor for the upcoming independent movie called ‘Thy Womb’. She is joined by award-winning actors Bembol Roco and Mercedes Cabral under the direction of Brillante Mendoza.

Here’s an article posted in The Philippine Inquirer about Lovi’s experience in Tawi-Tawi, where she also got the opportunity to meet the badjao tribe.