Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real Full Trailer

Here’s the full trailer of ‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real’ starring Dingdong Dantes, Lovi Poe and Maricel Soriano.

Also included in the star-studded cast are Robert Arevalo, Jaime Fabregas, Celeste Legaspi, Connie Reyes, Tomy Abuel, Alessandra de Rossi, Rodjun Cruz and Dominic Roco.

Interview: Lovi Poe as Shiela Salazar-Real

Want to know more about Lovi’s character as Shiela Salazar-Real in ‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real’? Watch this video and learn more not only about the series, but Lovi Poe’s view on emotional infidelity and second chances.