Lovi Poe 2019 Highlights: Travel, Self-Care and More Projects!

1. Travel and Self-Care


In the past years, Lovi Poe worked really, really hard. From yearly teleseryes that are proven to be physically and emotionally draining to mainstream and indie films plus photoshoots, out-of-town shows and other work commitments, our queen devoted the first half of 2019 for travel and self-care. Yes, even a goddess like her needs to recharge!

She didn’t completely take a break from social media though. Her trips are well-documented on her Instagram account and it inspires us to plan our dream trips and just go!

2. The Annulment – A hot and sexy movie comeback!

Lovi Poe wasn’t visible on TV in 2019, but she made sure that our cravings for her awesomeness will be satisfied by finishing ‘The Annulment’, a sexy-drama shown in Philippine cinemas last November 13, 2019 under the direction of McArthur Alejandre (Mac Alejandre). For the first time, Lovi is paired with Joem Bascon. When you pair two talented actors in one heavy film, expect good results!

Luckily, ‘The Annulment’ became a box-office hit. Lovi’s rendition of the sad ballad ‘Di Lang Ikaw’ is worth listening to.

3. Segundo – Lovi’s Music Comeback!

Did you know that Lovi started her career as a singer? Yes, she was a singer first before she played the role of Krystal in the GMA Primetime show ‘Bakekang’. Some of her hit songs include ‘Kung Pwede Lang’, ‘I Never Knew Love’ and ‘I Love You’. Her rendition of classic love songs ‘Dreaming of You’ and ‘Suddenly Its Magic’ were big hits too.

For her music comeback, Lovi signed up with Viva Records. Before 2019 ended, she released the music video of her first single ‘Segundo’. She composed the song with Marion Aunor. We can’t wait for the full album!

4. TV Show Cameos

Lovi Poe didn’t lead any GMA drama series in 2019, but she appeared as a special guest star in ‘Beautiful Strangers’ where she played herself. You can watch the funny scenes below:

Also, the upcoming GMa Primetime Show ‘Anak ni Biday vs. Anak ni Waray’ will feature Lovi as the Young Dina Bonnevie. She will be reunited with her ‘The One That Got Away’ co-star Max Collins.

We heard that GMA-7 is preparing a big teleserye for Lovi this coming 2020. We can’t wait!

5. Upcoming Movies: Latay, In Between Goodbyes and Untitled iWant Movie

There are at least three Lovi Poe movies that we will be able to see on the big screen this year.

First, there’s the already-finished indie film ‘Latay’, where Lovi plays the role of a dominant wife who beats her husband (Allen Dizon). This movie is not for the weak! ‘Latay’ serves as Lovi’s comeback to her indie filmmaking roots. Will we be able to watch this film on the 1st MMFF Summer Festival?

Next is the sexy drama ‘In Between Goodbyes’. This time, our Lovely Queen will be paired with two of the hottest young hunks in the country – Marco Gumabao and Tony Labrusca!

As of writing, we heard that filming already ended and they’re planning to release the film this February. Fingers crossed on that one!

Lastly (for now) is an untitled iWant Originals film with Zanjoe Marudo shot in Italy. Isn’t that exciting?

5. New Love – Meet Monty!

Lovi with boyfriend
Monty Blencowe

The public have witnessed Lovi fall in and out of love. This time, she is in a long distance relationship with US based British producer and the two lovebirds just prove that love and dedication is enough to make a special relationship work!

2020 will surely be a much more busy year for Lovi especially now that she was able to recharge while she was on break. We’re excited!

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