HINDI TAYO PWEDE Official Movie Poster Revealed!

For the first time, Lovi Poe is set to star in a movie produced by Viva Films.

HINDI TAYO PWEDE (formerly ‘In Between Goodbyes’) is a sexy-drama under the direction of Joel Lamangan with the screenplay written by Sir Ricky Lee.

Also for the first time, Lovi is paired with two promising lead actors Tony Labrusca (Glorious, Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love) and Marco Gumabao (Just a Stranger). The trailer is yet to be released, but the final playdate is March 4, 2020. Exciting!

Here’s the official movie poster of ‘Hindi Tayo Pwede’. The new title is inspired by the song with the same title which was performed originally by The Juans. We’ll keep you posted!

Bench Summer of 2019: Lovi Poe in Siquijor Beach Photos

Lovi Poe is the official summer girl of Bench for almost 10 years now. This year, billboards and promotional posters of our morena beauty is scattered around the country!

For this year’s Bench campaign, they’ve decided to promote some of the Philippines’ best beach destinations. Lovi Poe is assigned in Siquijor with Juancho Trivino and other Bench models. Enjoy!

‘The One That Got Away’ Official Cast Photo Gallery

“THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY” is the newest feel-good primetime series of GMA-7. It is refreshing to see drama actors Dennis Trillo, Rhian Ramos, Max Collins and Lovi Poe in a light romantic project.

Here’s the official cast photo gallery. Who’s your favorite cast member?

Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino in ‘Soap Opera’


Remton Siega Zuasola brings “Soap O Pera,” the story of a modus gone wrong, wherein a couple seduces foreigners to visit the Philippines with the promise of marriage to con them for their money. This is a comic drama about how a local soap opera brings the scheming couple and their foreign victim closer as they play family to support their sick son whose only relief is the fantasy world of Ramini, his favorite television hero.

We will post the trailer soon!

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