We Love Lovi: My Top 5 Favorite Lovi Poe Teleseryes

NOTE: ‘We Love Lovi’ is a new segment in the site where fans can submit essays and express how much they love and appreciate Ms. Lovi Poe as an actress, singer, model, endorser and an overall badass chick! For the first kick, we feature this passionate article written by Jenica sharing her Top 5 Favorite Lovi Poe TV Shows. Enjoy!

I am an avid fan of Ms. Lovi Poe since the time she entered into show business as a singer in 2006 and an actress. Her first love team is the very handsome actor Cogie Domingo on their youth oriented TV show “Love to Love”. I watch her bloom as an actress when she has been a part of the show “Bakekang” which is Sunshine Dizon as her mother.

The Alcantara Sisters: Diana (Heart Evangelista), Bernadette (Alessandra de Rossi) and Natasha (Lovi Poe)

Her acting praised and touch the lives of the audiences as she hailed as the Best Female TV personality at PMPC. Her role portrayed is very heart breaking and that’s why there are so many people believe in her and one of them is me. She also portrayed the role of reporter on the show Zaido where Dennis Trillo is the lead actor with Aljur Abrenica and the late Marky Cielo.

I an avid Kapuso so I know almost everything about GMA shows and Lovi is one of the reason why I do watch dramas because of her effective portrayal of drama roles. I love all her movies and tv shows because of her innocent and very charming face on screen. I also like her as a fashion icon and a fitness enthusiast.

Among the movies and shows I’ve watched, the show on GMA News TV “Titser” a documentary-drama resonates a very realistic character that showcases the life of a teacher. She suffers a lot and gives her efforts and care wholeheartedly on the young ones who wants to learn for the future and get knowledge. I see her as a versatile actress as she portrays any roles or characters in sync. She touches the heart of  audiences including me on her very strong personality as a bida and even in kontrabida roles. I hope that she can go back on her talent as a singer as I love to hear her songs on the radio to sing because I feel all her songs and all of it are so lovely like her personality. I am hoping that she could do more movies and show soon so that I can see her again on screen to showcase her talent as an artist of GMA.

She is one of the darlings of GMA that can do more and receive more acknowledgements as her talent runs on her blood through FPJ. Out of her movies I have listed my top 5 favorite teleserye featuring Ms. Lovi Poe:

First is “Yesterday’s Bride“. I love her portrayal as Andrea a hardworking, kind and loving woman who became an orphan early in her life. Despite growing up poor, she remained kind, caring and helpful towards other people.

Second is  “Legacy“.  Natasha grew up with wealth and luxury. Beautiful, smart and proud. But despite her “complete life”, a secret to her personality is destined to ruin and deprive her of all that she has. Her character is so real and sometimes you get carried away but then I am still a fan!

Third is “Titser”. This is the most difficult role she portrayed on TV. She was able to deliver her lines effectively and the audiences realized the difficulty of a teacher’s duty.

Forth is “Akin Pa Rin Ang Bukas“. She is  Lovelia Villacorta, a woman who turns vengeful against the people who betrayed her. Lovelia is out to prove that everyone deserves equal rights for genuine and real love despite being born out of wedlock.

Lastly is “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real“. Lovi showcased her prowess as a villain in the show. She portrayed the role of being a mistress to Dingdong. She got what it takes to be a kontrabida but still being a soft hearted to admit all of her mistakes.

I love Lovi so much and I hope I can be like her as an inspiration to other an aspiring personality that reach her achievements through the hardworks and efforts she provided in the business. That’s all and I hope she can read this article to know that she is a well deserve artist.

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