We Love Lovi: My Top 5 Favorite Lovi Poe Teleseryes

NOTE: ‘We Love Lovi’ is a new segment in the site where fans can submit essays and express how much they love and appreciate Ms. Lovi Poe as an actress, singer, model, endorser and an overall badass chick! For the first kick, we feature this passionate article written by Jenica sharing her Top 5 Favorite Lovi Poe TV Shows. Enjoy!

I am an avid fan of Ms. Lovi Poe since the time she entered into show business as a singer in 2006 and an actress. Her first love team is the very handsome actor Cogie Domingo on their youth oriented TV show “Love to Love”. I watch her bloom as an actress when she has been a part of the show “Bakekang” which is Sunshine Dizon as her mother.

The Alcantara Sisters: Diana (Heart Evangelista), Bernadette (Alessandra de Rossi) and Natasha (Lovi Poe)

Her acting praised and touch the lives of the audiences as she hailed as the Best Female TV personality at PMPC. Her role portrayed is very heart breaking and that’s why there are so many people believe in her and one of them is me. She also portrayed the role of reporter on the show Zaido where Dennis Trillo is the lead actor with Aljur Abrenica and the late Marky Cielo.

I an avid Kapuso so I know almost everything about GMA shows and Lovi is one of the reason why I do watch dramas because of her effective portrayal of drama roles. I love all her movies and tv shows because of her innocent and very charming face on screen. I also like her as a fashion icon and a fitness enthusiast.

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Why ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ is worth watching


“Someone to Watch Over Me” is an inspirational television drama series that captured the hearts of many Filipinos since its premiere last September 5. The story is about the unconditional love Joanna Mercado has for his husband, TJ Chavez, who suffers from Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Eventually, as TJ’s condition becomes severe, he starts to forget his present and remembers only his past. This led him seeking his first love and ex-girlfriend, Irene Montenegro. Whenever he sees Irene, he forgets about his wife and son. Lovi Poe, Tom Rodriguez, and Max Collins give life to Joanna’s, TJ’s, and Irene’s characters respectively.

So what makes this teleserye worth watching? Well, there are lots of reasons why this is worth 45 minutes of our time.


The show airs every Monday-Friday night at GMA Network. Because of the unique storyline and exceptional portrayal by the Tom-Lovi tandem, there is no doubt the show receives generally positive feedbacks and higher ratings compared to its rival shows on other networks.

Lovi Poe amazes the viewers with the way she genuinely acts Joanna’s character. You can feel how much agony she went through when she discovered her husband suffering from the rare disease, how much she endured when TJ started having fall outs and losses his memories, and how much tears she cried when she found out he is unconsciously seeing Irene. Most of all, she made us feel through her acting that Joanna’s love for her husband and family is faithful and unconditional, willing to sacrifice everything without asking anything in return. Lovi once again proved us she is not just beauty and brains; she’s definitely an excellent actress.

On the other hand, Tom Rodriguez is also a superb actor, which he had already proven in the controversial teleserye “My Husband’s Lover.” His role as TJ simply shows how flexible he is as an actor. He performs very effectively that we all realize Alzheimer’s disease is not a joke and everybody should be aware of it whether they are young or old. His portrayal should indeed be praised.


The Tom-Lovi loveteam is clearly a success. They have this natural chemistry between them that would make you think they are a real-life couple. Every scene seems a little less like act and more likely it’s real. With every intimate scene together, you can feel the extraordinary love Joanna and TJ have for each other despite what they’re going through.

Supporting cast members include Edu Manzano as TJ’s father, Jackie Lou Blanco as TJ’s stepmother, Isay Alvarez-Sena as Joanna’s mom, Ronnie Lazaro as Joanna’s dad, Boy2 Quizon as TJ’s best friend, etc. Every cast has significant parts on the show that makes it more and more exciting to watch.


“Someone to Watch Over Me” is one unpredictable show in a way that you’ll never know what will happen next, when will TJ remember his present, how are they going to cure him, or is he going to be healed ever? Probably the reason why many prefer to watch this heavy drama teleserye instead of the show with a lighter theme on the other network is because of that “breath of fresh air” feeling. No clichés, just drama. No fakes, just natural on-cam chemistry.

Wagas: From Siargao to Scotland with Love

Here are some of Lovi Poe’s scenes from WAGAS: From Siargao to Scotland with Love.

Aired: May 14, 2016

Watch ​’​Wagas,’ every Saturday on GMA​.​ This week’s episode entitled “From Siargao to Scotland with Love” stars Mark McMahon, Lovi Poe, and Gigi Locsin.