Belo Medical Group’s New Billboard featuring Lovi Poe

Lovi Poe is scheduled to be launched as the new face of the Belo Medical Group. Unfortunately, the billboard image was disapproved.

With the tagline “Love my skin by Belo’, i think the company is aiming to make girls feel comfortable with their own skin even if they are morena. What can you say about the picture? Is Lovi Poe too daring in this one?

We’re still hoping that Lovi Poe’s billboard for Vicki Belo’s company will be approved soon. Anyway, she defines the new meaning of sexy!

And yes, it’s Lovi, not Lovie LOL 😛

Lovi Poe sizzles in Rogue Magazine’s July 2011 issue

It seems like Lovi Poe fanatics have something to look forward to every month, huh? Lovi Poe is the cover girl of this month’s issue of Rogue Magazine with the tagline LOVI POE: The King’s Daughter Takes on Temptation Island. As expected, she is simply sexy on the cover!

We will post Lovi Poe’s photos from the said issue once we get a copy. Also, Temptation Island is set to be shown this Wednesday, July 6! 😀

Welcome to LoviPoe.Net!

Welcome to LoviPoe.Net! It’s been years since i’ve been planning to make a fan blog dedicated to then teen star turned award-winning actress Lovi Poe. Now that she’s getting better projects left and right, i guess it’s about time for her supporters to have a home in cyberspace where they can read the latest news, view the latest pictures and watch some of her videos.

Once again, welcome to LoviPoe.Net! 🙂