Movie Review: The Annulment starring Joem Bascon and Lovi Poe

The Annulment (2019), directed by Mac Alejandre and starring Lovi Poe and Joem Bascon, was a drama film about the fallout of a married couple, Gari (Poe) and Sherwin (Marudo). This film gave good commentaries about factors one should consider for marriage.

Lovi Poe and Joem Bascon in The Annulment

For starters, Gari and Sherwin’s relationship started with both of them having strikingly different expectations. On Gari’s part, she did not see Sherwin as someone she would marry, at least at the start. Meanwhile, Sherwin already felt sure that he wanted to marry Gari. However, his very first worry was the difference in their social status. And this is one theme that was consistently explored throughout the film – the effect of each party’s financial stability and security before and during the marriage. Gari came from an upper-middle-class family but adopted a financially independent character, whereas Sherwin was from a simple, working-class background.

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Lovi Poe 2019 Highlights: Travel, Self-Care and More Projects!

1. Travel and Self-Care

In the past years, Lovi Poe worked really, really hard. From yearly teleseryes that are proven to be physically and emotionally draining to mainstream and indie films plus photoshoots, out-of-town shows and other work commitments, our queen devoted the first half of 2019 for travel and self-care. Yes, even a goddess like her needs to recharge!

She didn’t completely take a break from social media though. Her trips are well-documented on her Instagram account and it inspires us to plan our dream trips and just go!

2. The Annulment – A hot and sexy movie comeback!

Lovi Poe wasn’t visible on TV in 2019, but she made sure that our cravings for her awesomeness will be satisfied by finishing ‘The Annulment’, a sexy-drama shown in Philippine cinemas last November 13, 2019 under the direction of McArthur Alejandre (Mac Alejandre). For the first time, Lovi is paired with Joem Bascon. When you pair two talented actors in one heavy film, expect good results!

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